Analog and Digital Electronics

These are lecture notes on analog and digital electronics, for a course for senior physics undergraduates. Caveat emptor: I believe these notes to be of high quality, but they are not “mature” yet in the sense that there may still be many typos in the manuscript (and much is left to be written). I will put corrections in as I find them, and you can always contact me if you have corrections or comments.

You can download the notes here as one big file: (pdf, several MB).

Instructors may contact me for a version with solutions to problems included.

If you use these notes for your class, please let me know!

Topics Covered:

  1. Resistors and Thevenin's Theorem
  2. Capacitors and Inductors
  3. Diodes
  4. Bipolar Junction Transistors
  5. Field-Effect Transistors
  6. Operational Amplifiers
  7. PID Control
  8. Binary Logic and Logic Gates
  9. Boolean Algebra
  10. Physical Implementation of Logic Gates
  11. Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
  12. Flip Flops
  13. Comparators
  14. Pulse and Waveform Generation
  15. Digital–Analog Interfaces
  16. Phase-Locked Loops